Frequent Headaches: Why You Have Them and Solutions

Solutions for Frequent Headaches by MG ChiropracticAre you spending hours looking down at your cellphone or flexed forward to stare at a computer screen? If so, the odds are pretty high that you’ve experienced a headache. Even more likely is that they’re becoming more frequent.

The majority of us will experience headaches via two factors: tissue inflammation or tight neck muscles.

Tissue inflammation usually occurs when we consume a specific substance, which causes the tissue within the skull to become inflamed. Inflammation is the body’s reaction to something that it cannot metabolize or easily filter and just wants out.

Common substances include but are in no way limited to brewer’s yeast, gluten, sugar, tobacco, and wine. When consumed, the blood vessels will dilate in order to pump as much through the body. It’s this dilation of blood vessels that leads to headaches. Remember, only so much dilation can occur in the brain, an organ that’s completely enclosed skull.

For years, chiropractors have known about the importance of a well-adjusted or an anatomically aligned neck in preventing neck pain and headaches. I suppose you could mirror it to dentists saying that dental floss prevents bad breath. No hard evidence is backing it up, just firm beliefs. It wasn’t until 2011 that we finally got our evidence.

The rectus capitis posterior minor muscle has been discovered as having a physical connection to the dura mater, which is the protective sheath covering the central nervous system. The implication? Chiropractors now have proof as to why relief comes to headache sufferers following an upper neck adjustment. The muscles in the neck get strained by activity, or lack thereof, which leads to muscular tightening and, in turn, stretches the central nervous system.

What is the best way to combat these sources? For tissue inflammation, know your body and your surroundings. Realize which foods you should avoid. For some, it will take the acknowledgment that food is nourishment, not something to give comfort. In terms of muscles being the source, it’s incredibly beneficial to understand that muscles get tight for reasons. If the rectus capitis posterior minor is pulling on the dura mater, there is a reason. Helping you find that reason and relieve pressure from the tight muscle is the job of the chiropractor.

Dr. Mason M. Greenslade, DC, is the owner of MG Chiropractic, your Belltown and Queen Anne chiropractor. He is certified in the Advanced Activator technique, Chiro-Manipulative Reflex, and the Sacro-Occipital Technique. Dr. Greenslade has his doctorate from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Learn more about Dr. Greenslade.

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