Herniated Disc: The Cause for Your Low Back Pain?

MG Chiropractic on Low Back Pain and a Herniated DiscMany people have suffered from low back pain in their lives. When we’re young, it can put us out of a game. However, as we age, the same injury can keep us out of work for days or even weeks. Difficulty getting out of a chair and/or picking up your hat sound familiar? And many find it impossible to put on their shoes without bracing themselves. Why is that? More often than not, it’s due to a herniated disc.

Between each vertebra, or back bone, we are lucky to have shock-absorbing, fluid-filled discs. We bend, flex, and extend—all motions of the spine are supported in perfect fluidity by these intervertebral discs.

MG Chiropractic on Low Back Pain and a Herniated DiscThroughout life, though, issues can arise. The most common of which is when two vertebra experience restricted movement, or movement that is less in one direction than it is in the other. When this occurs, the intervertebral disc no longer operates in fluid motion. One side will invariably start to break down. When this happens, the wall of the disc will pop out. Over time, the body will compensate by breaking down the disc and putting in arthritis to stabilize the joint. If that were not enough, most herniations occur posteriorly toward the nerves of the spine. Now with each bend forward, we experience shooting pain in the low back region, which prevents us from moving even more.

Sadly, procrastination can be more comforting that a lover’s embrace. We believe that we will get through the worst of the pain, but it always comes back—and worse than before. Many will get to the point that they believe they have only one option: surgery.

Far too often, several thousands of dollars in surgery bills and rehabilitation are shown as effective in the short term. Eventually, scar tissue will begin narrowing the space reserved for the spinal cord; that lack of proper motion above and below the vertebra will take effect above and below the locations of surgery. And this breaks down an all new region of the spine. Remember, it is easy to remove and damage parts of the body, but when something is gone, it is gone.

Chiropractic is phenomenal at getting those aforementioned vertebra moving again and the discs back to being healthy. Reversing the damage or outright preventing it is the name of the game. All this is done without spinal surgery and the unintended consequences that go along with it.

Dr. Mason M. Greenslade, DC, is the owner of MG Chiropractic, your Belltown and Queen Anne chiropractor. He is certified in the Advanced Activator technique, Chiro-Manipulative Reflex, and the Sacro-Occipital Technique. Dr. Greenslade has his doctorate from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Learn more about Dr. Greenslade.

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