Car Wreck Neck Pain: Why it Happens

Car Wreck Neck Pain Treatment at MG ChiropracticHave you ever wondered why your neck hurts after a car wreck? Allow me to explain.

When our muscles contract and relax, our joints are able to move. This movement is quite stable because we are consciously telling our body what to do. Think about when you’re going down a flight of stairs and you miscalculate the height of the last step: The outcome is NEVER graceful. Now magnify this effect several times, and you have the anatomical reaction involved in a car wreck.

When we are driving and suddenly stop, our car slows down first and our body continues to travel at the speed the car was initially going in (1 mph to infinity). Inertia will move our core body first, as it is in direct contact with the car. A split second later, our head will begin moving, stabilized by our neck. As this stability occurs, ligaments and muscles in our neck will stretch and occasionally rip. On rare occasions, bone may even break due to the weight of the head being pushed harder than the neck can compensate for.

Regardless of how the car wreck occurs or whose fault it is, the fact remains that the neck will tighten up its muscles to guard itself from further movement and insult. This can lead to neck pain or even severe headaches, preventing day-to-day life from returning to normal.

At MG Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on using advanced chiropractic manipulative techniques that not only lack fast movements, but also use the least amount of force possible. Something that is certainly a relieving thought for those who are dealing with the result of too fast of movement and too much force.

A detailed physical history of the car wreck is essential for understanding the locations in which the body might be damaged, and a full body physical is administered to determine the course of action. Are X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, or ultrasound required? Will treatment last a few weeks to several months? What are the expected outcomes of treatment? All will be answered during your first appointment. Get started!

Dr. Mason M. Greenslade, DC, is the owner of MG Chiropractic, your Belltown and Queen Anne chiropractor. He is certified in the Advanced Activator technique, Chiro-Manipulative Reflex, and the Sacro-Occipital Technique. Dr. Greenslade has his doctorate from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Learn more about Dr. Greenslade.

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