Depression Hurts; Chiropractic Can Help

Depression Hurts; MG Chiropractic Can HelpRegardless of political views, election cycles can be emotionally draining. More and more brutal tirades, emotional attacks, and heated debates are occurring for longer stretches of time. Although this can be good and even exciting in the short-term, if taken to Nth degree—as in the most recent presidential election—one’s health may and likely will suffer.

Visualize, if you would, people who are happy. They are standing up straight, are rested, and tend to have a genuine look of contentment on their face. It’s like the human equivalent to a Golden Retriever.

Now visualize people who are unhappy or acutely depressed. They’re usually slouched forward, unable to get a full night’s sleep due to inabilities to quiet their minds, and generally look haggard or annoyed. Many would categorize this appearance as a deep breath before a plunge into an unknown future.

Depression Hurts; MG Chiropractic Can HelpThe key to remember is that if we are not emotionally happy, our bodies will suffer for it. Time and time again, individuals will say that they have been suffering from a given pain and it all started when they became very stressed out or depressed. What all too many people are unaware of is that depression can cause physical pain and, in turn, pain can cause depression.

What can be done? Break the chain. Fix the physical source of the pain, allow the body to heal, and eventually alleviate the depression.

More often than not, stress is held in the shoulders and/or the low back. Tension then runs up the neck, leading to risks of migraines, grinding of teeth, carpal tunnel, low back pain, leg numbness, difficulty with sex, and even problems defecating. Fixing the stressed joints in these areas will allow the muscles and other tissues to relax. The full body then relaxes, which lowers the stress caused by pain, and—finally—the veil of depression is lifted.

At MG Chiropractic, we’ve got your back!

Dr. Mason M. Greenslade, DC, is the owner of MG Chiropractic, your Belltown and Queen Anne chiropractor. He is certified in the Advanced Activator technique, Chiro-Manipulative Reflex, and the Sacro-Occipital Technique. Dr. Greenslade has his doctorate from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Learn more about Dr. Greenslade.

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