Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Seattle, WA

Dealing with ongoing pain in your wrists? Carpal tunnel may be to blame. At MG Chiropractic, we offer advanced carpal tunnel treatment in Seattle.

A Closer Look at Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that affects the range of motion in your hands and wrists. The condition is caused by tension or pressure on the median nerve, which moves through the carpal tunnel in the wrist.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can vary from patient to patient. Most of the time, the symptoms emerge slowly. Sometimes, symptoms go away on their own, but then reemerge later and grow more persistent. Typical symptoms include:

    • Stabbing pain that radiates through the fingers
    • Radiating pain that moves up the forearms and possibly to the shoulders
    • Numbness in the hand, wrist, or elbows
    • Loss of coordination and range of motion in the hands
    • Tingling sensations in the hands, fingers, and arms
Seattle, WA Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The main cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is median nerve irritation or compression. This can come from:

  • Certain medical conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, and obesity
  • Repetitive motions of the wrist, such as typing or repetitive lifting
  • Genetics or heredity
  • An injury that causes swelling of the carpal tunnel pathway

Carpal tunnel can also be related to nerve irritations that stem from other parts of the body, including the spine.

Typical Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options

Carpal tunnel treatment options vary depending on the severity of the condition. In minor cases, patients often find relief by taking frequent breaks to give the wrists and hands a rest and time to recuperate. Hot and cold therapy with an ice pack or heating pad may also soothe the discomfort. Other treatment options may include:

  • Bracing the wrist
  • Physical therapy to take pressure off the carpal tunnel
  • Steroidal injections
  • Anti-inflammatory medications

Carpal tunnel surgery is reserved for the most severe cases. Surgery involves placing an incision in the ligament (flexor retinaculum) that puts pressure on the median nerve.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Seattle, WA

How a Chiropractor Can Help with Carpal Tunnel

When you visit a chiropractor for carpal tunnel treatment, they will do a thorough evaluation of your condition. This is done to better determine the cause of your pain, which dictates how the treatment should proceed. The chiropractor may use a collection of treatments, such as adjusting the lunate wrist bone, utilizing tissue manipulation, and cold laser therapy. Spinal manipulations may also help negate pressure on the median nerve.

Find Out About Chiropractic Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Seattle

Untreated carpal tunnel can lead to problems with irreversible nerve damage. If you believe you have carpal tunnel or experience pain in your wrists, reach out to us at MG Chiropractor to schedule an appointment.