Joint Pain Treatment in Seattle

  • Do you suffer from a painful joint, ankle, knee, shoulder, or hip?
  • Is your pain slightly irritating, or is it debilitating at times?
  • Did you know that chiropractic work can help alleviate this pain?

Forming the connections between bones, joints provide support and help us to move. Pain caused by injury or disease can range from mild discomfort to debilitation and can arise from any part of the joint, such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, or bone. Many conditions can lead to joint pain, such as arthritis, bursitis, and gout, as well as injuries like strains and sprains.

Joint pain is extremely common, and it can prevent us from remaining active in our lives. The more we move, the more we can pump blood to every vital system in our body. As Sir Isaac Newton said, “Objects in motion will stay in motion” and “objects at rest will stay at rest.” These statements very much ring true when applied to the human body. As a result, MG Chiropractic has a program of recommended solutions for patients based on individual needs.

Dr. Mason Greenslade evaluates every patient and makes dietary and nutrition recommendations, such as decreasing or removing inflammatory substances from the diet. Additionally, a Standard Process nutrition supplement regime might need to be created, depending on the individual patient.

Appropriate exercise is of extreme importance to help with joint pain recovery. Exercise helps to give the body the strength it needs to hold together and recover. Chiropractic care will ensure that joints are in proper alignment to prevent movement itself from becoming inflammatory. Using a couple of chiropractic techniques, Dr. Greenslade manipulates and realigns the joints to begin releasing joint pain from the patient’s body.

Bottom line, joint pain can be extremely uncomfortable, and in using applicable techniques, MG Chiropractic will help patients to increase their quality of life!

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