Menstruation Support in Seattle

  • Do you suffer from agonizing menstrual cramps?
  • Have ovarian cysts been ruled out as a cause for your chronic pain?
  • Do you experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or dysmenorrhea?
  • Can making changes in diet, weight, exercise, and nerve flow lead to positive results?

Hormone levels in women experience a 28-day cycle of peaks and valleys, as the female body goes through changes serving in preparation for potential pregnancy. Although very natural, the menstrual cycle can be quite painful for some women. Painful menstruation is often a sign of such conditions as ovarian cysts, a health concern that should always be ruled out. If ruled out, however, many women are left without a viable path to a solution.

After ruling out any serious medical conditions, a woman experiencing cramping and physical pain during menstruation has a condition known as dysmenorrhea. Physical pain combined with any emotional symptoms is considered PMS. Common symptoms of PMS include cramping, back pain, nausea, headaches, bloating, fatigue, and stress. An imbalance of hormones or nerve flow can often be the culprit for these conditions.

To alleviate symptoms, realign the patient, and help balance nerve flow, chiropractic treatment often helps with painful menstruation symptoms like PMS and dysmenorrhea. By using a safe and very comfortable technique called the Advanced Certified Activator technique, Dr. Mason Greenslade is able to impact and manipulate the joints to help realign the patient.

Additionally, nutritional supplementation can have a tremendous impact in helping to resolve menstruation issues by providing proper nutrients to balance hormones. At MG Chiropractic, Dr. Greenslade creates an individual plan for each patient involving a unique combination of chiropractic care, nutritional supplements, and exercise, as each woman’s symptoms and experiences are individual.

Finding a perfect combination of diet, nutrition, exercise, and chiropractic care is often an amazing solution to helping resolve painful menstruation issues.

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