Nutrition in Seattle

  • Is there more to resolving physical pain than receiving a series of chiropractic sessions?
  • Are there some simple long-term solutions that can lead to a road of health and happiness?
  • How important is nutrition to our overall health?

The process to resolving back, neck, joint, leg, and other body pain and issues does not stop with chiropractic manipulation alone. The complete solution also accompanies a wellness approach, including a focus on nutrition and exercise.

At MG Chiropractic, we ask each new patient to complete a health questionnaire. This helps Dr. Mason Greenslade, DC, assess the patient’s current nutritional state as well as ascertain the condition of different internal organ groups. Based on the results as well as the patient’s other physical issues, Dr. Greenslade develops a recommended nutritional program to help increase wellness and quality of life.

Dr. Greenslade utilizes the Standard Process brand of nutritional supplements and whole-food philosophy to assist in the comprehensive healing process. The Standard Process philosophy states: “Given proper nutrition, the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself.” Although people might purchase and consume top-quality nutritional foods, ultimately, it is not what you eat, it is what is absorbed. Standard Process nutritional supplements help to heal damaged tissue at its source, increasing absorption of the essential healing nutritional elements.

Standard Process nutritional supplements are created to provide us with the nutrients that our bodies need to be healthy and happy. The company uses high-quality, whole-food ingredients to create supplements that are essential to wellness. A whole-food supplement is a complex recipe of plant and animal extracts that are created by preserving nutritional value. A plethora of nutritional supplements are available for various needs, and Dr. Greenslade will recommend the best solution for each patient’s individual needs. Gluten-free and vegetarian supplements are available as well.

Bottom line, a proper nutrition program will help you to heal and transform your life! Ready to learn more? Make an appointment today by calling 425-387-7215 or online.