Tissue Work in Seattle

  • Do you feel tightness or pain in your back, neck, or shoulders?
  • Are you suffering from decreased mobility?
  • Do you have painful scar tissue as a result of surgery or injury?

Our bodies take a lot of abuse on a daily basis: sitting too long, being tense, sleeping in contorted positions, working out too much, sustaining injuries, and so on. When a person has spent years beating himself or herself up—either purposefully or not—scar tissue will develop. When scar tissue develops, muscles stop working properly. As a result, the scar tissue must be broken up in order to regain normal muscular function.

At MG Chiropractic, Dr. Mason Greenslade uses a process called Myofascial Release therapy to help “release” the pressure or tension in muscles as a result of general tightness or scar tissue buildup. Common ailments that are often treated using Myofascial Release therapy are upper and lower back pain, neck pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ, migraines, and more.

Myofascial Release therapy involves using multiple possible techniques to help loosen tissue to allow greater mobility and less pain for the patient. Ultimately, to give relief to the patient, the therapy focuses on targeted soft tissue manipulation, possibly in conjunction with other forms of therapy.

Some of the specific Myofascial Release therapy techniques that Dr. Greenslade employs include:

  • Applied pressure to isolate the painful areas;
  • Targeted exercises to untighten muscles and increase mobility;
  • Chiropractic sessions to balance and realign; and
  • Erchonia cold laser therapy for targeting specific tissue areas.

The Erchonia cold laser device is a simple, painless, and effective treatment used to loosen tight or scarred tissue. Essentially, the device shines light onto the patient’s clothed body and activates photoreceptors on mitochondria, forcing the mitochondria to reproduce. The results from using the Erchonia cold laser are drastically reduced pain, greater mobility, and increased quality of life!

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